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2017 Postseason

The playoffs are done, the points are tallied, and the Superfriends have crowned their eleventh champ! We're breaking it down one last time for the 2017 season, taking a look back at some of the favorite memories we've made along the way and handing out our official 2017 season superlatives!

Until the next season, FFC heads ✌

2017: The Szeperbowl

The Szeperbowl is here, and so are your favorite podcasters! It's all come down to this: We have our two championship teams. Will a new Superfriend join the circle of plaque winners, or will the vet write another chapter in his legacy? Plus a new Gooch is crowned, but he's already giving the league trouble!

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2017 Playoffs Week 1

The players have played, the lineups have been lined up, and the 2017 regular season has come to an end in exhilarating fashion. Some team's playoff hopes were dashed, others sailed to postseason glory, and Gooch bowl fears have been reignited. We got it all for you here this week!

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2017 Weeks 11 - 13

We're back! After a couple weeks of some technical difficulties we're getting our act together and getting you all caught up on the last 3 weeks of fantasy and NFL football action! We're entering our final week of the regular season, and things are red hot! Who will break out and who will bust?

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2017 Week 10

Upsets were a-plenty this week as we close out the second third of our regular season! We're entering the home stretch, and the race for the Sze has never been tighter! We're taking you through all the shake-ups, twists, and turns, and breaking down the keys to a successful team name!

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2017 Week 9

We're back for Week 9 with a special Wednesday night edition of the FFC! This week we're talking about loyalty and our Day-Ones with someone in his year-one of this league, Eddy Shiang! Plus we talk about RG3 again and get some hot drops! Check it out!

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2017 Week 8

This week we're talking about mental health and finding the hope to carry on after Week 8 brought some heartbreaking losses! The playoff picture is muddy as ever, and the Gooch race is getting hot! Plus we break down the latest league power rankings!

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2017 Week 7

We're halfway through the season! It's flying by, especially when the weeks are as packed with big moves as Week 6 was! We're breaking it all down, and dishing out the deets on whose teams are hot or not this week!

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2017 Week 6

Week 6 is upon us, as well as lots of delirium and confusion on the feet of a statistically completely unremarkable week 5. Can the boys find something to talk about in this sea of perfectly reasonable fantasy performances?

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2017 Episode 5

Week 4 has come and gone, and salt levels are sky high league wide! We're back in the kitchen with some saltiness, some spicy takes, and some red-hot teams, so grab some ranch and dig into this fantasy platter!

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2017 Week 4

This week we're joined by longtime friend and email writer of the podcast, Shiva! We're four weeks in and ready to hand out some quarter-season superlatives! Plus we're breaking down the baby craze sweeping the league, and getting serious about the issues!

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2017 Week 3

This week we're welcoming our first guest of the 2017 season! Longtime friend of the podcast and freshly-inaugurated commissioner Ryan joins the boys to break down the week 2 action, discuss the latest fantasy names, and answer a few questions from fans!

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2017 Week 2

One week down, and Ben is already feeling a familiar chill up his spine...can he fend off the Gooch? Or is it too late to redeem him of his Goochly ways?? Plus we break down the latest in the power rankings, and dig into some fan mail!

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2017 Week 1

The Superfriends and the FFC are BACK! A lot has happened since our championship last year, and Ben and Sam are here to break it all down YET AGAIN! Who will be enshrined on the plaque and who will become our next beer-soaked Gooch? We'll all have to wait and Sze!

One of the things that happened is that we got a new microphone and we don't know how to use it yet so many apologies for the horrible static!!

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